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Which Domestic Goddess Are You?

December 27, 2009

I found this fun quiz on There are 11 questions used to determine which Domestic Goddess you are. I thought it was pretty accurate. Turns out I am equal parts Hestia and Penelope:

The goddess of the hearth, Hestia is the ultimate Earth mother — kind, open, and nurturing. If you are ruled by Hestia, your home is your castle, and cooking your greatest talent and pleasure. You love being surrounded by people and, more importantly, taking care of them; your favorite place is the kitchen, redolent with the smells of food baking or a stew simmering. Comfort is all-important — your home is warm and cozy with furniture you can sink into — and you favor clothes with an easy-to-wear, easy-to-take-care-of style. To bring out your inner goddess, decorate with small homey touches — crochet an afghan or needlepoint a pillow, make a pretty wreath for the doorway, or begin a collection of whimsical china animals — and stick with a warm color palette, lots of earth tones, russets and oranges. Easygoing Hestia would rather spend her time starting seeds from scratch than polishing furniture, and every room in her house has a nice, relaxed feel to it. Sometimes, though, you forget that the world is worth exploring, and you need to call on Artemis to awaken your sense of adventure. Make sure, too, that you don’t ignore romance in your life (you need it, after all); call on Aphrodite to open yourself up to passion and pleasure.

The “weaver” and the most creative of the goddesses, Penelope inspires us to express our personalities and tastes by making things and trying new crafts. She is the part of us that loves working with a glue gun, buying a piece of fabric, stenciling borders on walls and refinishing furniture. If you are ruled by Penelope, you are skilled with your hands and get great satisfaction making things for yourself and others. You are open and free with your gifts and have a large circle of friends and acquaintances. To express this inner goddess, decorate with soft, restful colors — blues reminiscent of the skies and oceans, with a touch of green — and focus on the handmade or rescued piece — the homemade pillow, the updated flea market find. Penelope is unafraid to express her own tastes; don’t be afraid to experiment with new ideas, new materials, new color combinations. To bring this goddess into your life, teach yourself a new skill or embark on a new project, such as making picture frames or starting a scrapbook. Be patient with yourself — there’s no particular rush to finish your project on a tight schedule. Sometimes, Penelope has us ignore our need for quiet; call on Kuan Yin to remind you of the simple pleasure of sitting alone, doing nothing. You may also become housebound if you’re not careful — working on something new — so invite the spirit of Hera in and explore the outside world a bit. Your special talents will be well appreciated.

Take the quiz here and tell us which Domestic Goddess you are.

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