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My First Brisket

December 25, 2009

20 Clove Brisket

I decided to stray from my normal turkey for our Christmas Eve dinner this year and make brisket. Usually I’m not a fan of red meat, but I watched Sunny Anderson make her 20 Clove Brisket earlier this week on the Food Network and was inspired. It seemed so easy and looked so good.

To ensure my memory didn’t let me down, I went to the Food Network website to print the recipe and discovered it was fairly different from how she did it on TV (My memory isn’t that bad). On TV, she definitely used more Worcestershire sauce in the marinade and said to marinade it for 6-8 hours. However, in the online version it said only 2 hours for the marinade. I decided to go with the TV instructions and marinade for 6 hours, but did everything else as the online version of the recipe called for. The result was a descent brisket.  

Next time I think I’ll cook it at a lower temperature for about the same time because it was a little chewey…

Got any good brisket recipes to share? I’d really like to make one that falls apart when you pull it with a fork.

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